Hi! My name is Coach Brandy.

I live to empower others, especially those new to fitness, to do things they never thought were possible. I believe that nutrition and fitness can change your life.

As a kid I was never taught what to eat or how food impacted the body. Both of my parents have suffered from bad health. My father, a single Dad, raised me. He didn't know how to cook so we would eat lots of fast food. We would have McDonald’s for breakfast and then tacos for lunch. Over time, I saw the impact of those decisions on my Dad's health. My Dad currently has lewy body dementia, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a host of other health issues.

As a senior in high school my Dad lost his job and ultimately we lost our house. I had to make it on my own from the age of 17. I worked a series of jobs to support myself through college and law school. Then I wanted a fresh start and came to New York where I worked as a lawyer. I never took my eye off the target of working in sports or fitness. The opportunity came not like you would think, but after I had put myself in $25,000 of credit card debt. I started out teaching group exercise classes at New York Sports Club – spin, sports conditioning, boot camps.

But that wasn’t enough, I wanted to create a life in which I could dictate my schedule and health, nutrition, fitness, and sports were a part of my everyday life. At the time, I would work as an attorney during the day and spend most of my free time either training or teaching classes, but I knew I couldn’t balance both jobs forever. I was going to have to make a choice between the law and fitness. I loved working as a lawyer, but I loved the impact fitness and nutrition could have even more. At this point I had already decided to open my own gym, Crossfit Queens. Two years later, I decided to follow my heart and quit my job as a successful trial attorney and pursue my career in fitness full time – a risk that paid off in a career I love and the ability to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. The path has not been easy but I would never give up the experience.

Why do I tell you all this? Because life is full of ups and downs that every one of us go through. There is no perfect time to get started investing in yourself. I take something from each of my life experiences and put it in my nutrition coaching. When I am teaching skills and habits I know that we are all juggling life and sometimes life just punches us in the face.

If you look at me now, you will see the end result of small consistent habits and actions put into place over many years. I am excited to share these skills with you.

I do not eat “perfectly” every day, I do good enough. What I have learned is that good enough consistently gets the job done. Consistency is the key.

I have over 11 years of experience working in fitness from teaching group exercise classes, personal training, and team sports conditioning. Over the last three years, I have been studying nutrition and the impact it has on our body and our life. I am co-owner of Crossfit Queens, a Crossfit gym in Astoria, New York, and have been for over 10 years. Crossfit is all about functional training, so it includes a little bit of everything – weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiovascular work. I started Crossfit Queens with only 10 members in 2009 and now it has now grown to a 500-member gym with a sister studio, Flexfiit, and a thriving community.

I am Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Coach and also Certified by the Online Trainer Academy. With online coaching my impact is no longer limited by the walls of a gym. I can now make a difference with those who may or not be gym goers and are located in New York, Texas or any part of the world. I challenge you to step up and take life on!