Hear what others have to say about Brandy:


“I always experienced Brandy as having passion for fitness, and tennis. I became more impressed with how she lived a balanced life with fitness and nutrition while still having fun doing other things. Nothing was mutually exclusive. Many of our friends, had goals of losing weight and/or going back to the gym. Many would start these crazy diets that were not always sustainable. Brandy would kindly share better options with them and many listened to her advice and would attain great results. Although I was always into fitness, I knew that I could do better with my eating habits. I consulted with Brandy and she started me on a plan. Brandy is very methodical and the plan starts out in small steps with questions like- is there something you can do today that is responsible? She is very engaging and empathetic while holding me accountable. After taking gradual steps her plan and living a balanced life became easier. As a result I have lost 10+ pounds and several body fat % points. I feel much better and in control.”


"Brandy really listens to individual needs and challenges. I struggled with eating healthy consistently because I have a neuromuscular illness that causes extreme fatigue and muscle weakness which in turn makes it very difficult for me to eat and digest many things. Brandy listened to the details of my daily struggles and helped me find ways to eat healthy consistently and to try different things out to figure out what foods did and didn't work for my body. Having a game plan and place to start with this struggle took a huge load of stress off me, improved my positive mindset, and boosted my confidence